Enjoy the beautiful scenery at In Situ Family Vineyards and discover where the best wines of the Aconcagua Valley are made. We offer guided tours of the winery and vineyards, including a premium wine tasting.

Tours & Tasting

Heritage Day Tour

Enjoy with us this Saturday, May 27th, during this special activity for wine lovers and archaeology. Suscribe here!

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Winemaker Tour

Enjoy the experience of creating your own wine to uncork on a special occasion. On this tour, you will learn the techniques and concepts behind blending different varieties and will take home a bottle of your own blend. Schedule your visit in advance at

In Situ Tour

A guided tour of our vineyards and winery, followed by an outdoor tasting of three wines (2 Reserva + 1 Signature Wine). Schedule your visit and pay online.

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Private Vineyard Picnic

A fun way to experience the vineyards, with a picnic for two in our vineyards. The picnic is specially prepared with dried fruit, cheese, gourmet sandwiches, juice, cookies, seasonal fresh fruit, and of course a tasting of a Reserve wine. Wine glasses included (ONLY WITH RESERVATION 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE).

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Archaeological Tour

We offer guided hikes to the top of Paidahuén, featuring abundant rock engravings—petroglyphs—attributed to the pre-Columbian Inca and Aconcagua cultures. Includes a trained bilingual guide. Reservations in advance at

Bike Rentals

For those interested in an outdoor wine adventure, we offer bikes to ride around the vineyards and the picturesque town of San Esteban. Rentals include a map, full equipment, and entrance to the Archaeological Park. For rental, write to

Traditional Lunch

For groups, we offer a traditional lunch served on Viña San Esteban’s terrace in the midst of the Paidahuén vineyards, with an unparalleled view of the valley and mountains. Includes a winery tour and premium tasting. Advance reservations required at

Tours and other programs by reservation.
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Archaeological Park

The Paidahuén Archaeological Park is a national monument, known locally for its geological, archaeological, and, more recently, viticultural importance. This isolated hill is located on the northern bank of the Aconcagua River, in the town of San Esteban, Region V, Chile.

At the top is a group of rocks engraved with petroglyphs, mysterious symbolic images that have been attributed to the pre-Columbian Aconcagua and Inca cultures. The oldest dates back more than 500 years.

Mt. Paidahuén—or Tapihue, as it was originally called—is visited daily by students, tourists, and academics interested in studying this type of artwork to learn more about ancient civilizations and the strong influence of the Inca Empire in this area.

Viña San Esteban is currently in charge of the protection and upkeep of the Paidahuén Archaeological Park. This includes coordinating visits and promoting the cultural heritage of the site, taking into account its deep significance in the identity of the current residents of the community.

Studies undertaken to interpret the true meaning of the rock engravings show that they were not created accidently or by chance. From the peak, it becomes clear that the natural context must be taken into account, including the hill’s relation to other peaks, its strategic location and easy access, and even the predominately northern orientation of the drawings.

We invite you to visit this beautiful site to see the legacy left by our forebearers—to discover and interpret what they wanted to tell us through the petroglyphs.

PRICE: $3.000 per person

Visits only with reservation and prepay

Monday to Friday: 10:00 / 15:30 hrs

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 hrs


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Aconcagua Valley

Visit the Aconcagua Valley and discover the beauty of the Chilean countryside. Just an hour and a half from Santiago, you can enjoy the unique natural scenery of the Andes Mountains and Mount Aconcagua—the highest peak in America.

Aconcagua Wine Trail

Offering a variety of wines, food, and experiences, the Aconcagua Wine Trail runs from San Esteban, in the mountainous east end of the Valley, all the way to Quillota, just a few kilometres from the Pacific Ocean and Valparaíso.

Viñateros de Aconcagua

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