For years, the hillsides of Mt. Paidahuen have been a meeting ground for Aconcagua Valley inhabitants. Today, these slopes are home to the In Situ vineyard, where enigmatic rock engravings from ages past remain intact among native plant life and grapevines, symbolizing a union between past and present Aconcagua.


High-Altitude Wines

The In Situ philosophy is to create wines that reflect the unique character of the Aconcagua Valley. Through our careful winemaking techniques, we strive to capture the full expression of the vineyard’s terroir in every bottle.

Single Parcel

By limiting the production of this wine to only one vineyard plot, we are able to capture the essence of a unique terroir. The sandy soils along the banks of the Aconcagua River produce fresh and balanced wines. The river breeze creates a distinctive microclimate, where grapes develop aromatic complexity and soft tannins.


Signature Wines

Handcrafted Blends
Winemaker Horacio Vicente explores the diversity of the Upper Aconcagua terroir in these limited-production blends. Individually selected vineyard plots and grape varieties create a unique experience with each Signature Wine.


Our Reserva wines are made from selected grapes from our best vineyard sections to capture their most distinctive aromas and create a unique experience with each wine. Notable for their soft, elegant tannins, Reserva wines are aged in a blend of French and American oak.